Survey-Right Of Way and Propery

ESI's provides right of way engineering expertise for transportation, signal and highway projects. Services include base mapping, staking of centerline and right of way lines, determination of right of way, and preparation of right of way plans and instruments.

ESI recognizes the critical need to have right of way deeds and maps prepared accurately and on schedule. ESI has a strong record of performance on UDOT projects. Our policy is to provide complete and accurate right of way engineering services within the scope and budget the project requires.

ESI's years of providing right of way services on many UDOT projects has given us the experience to know how to identify and minimize potential delays. The right of way package (Summary of Right of Way (RW-53), Ownership Records (RW-51), Signature Copies of deeds and easements, e-summaries, right of way maps, etc.) is prepared by a licensed professional land surveyor. CADD drawings for the projects are prepared electronically using the current versions of MicroStation and InRoads.

Before the right of way package is delivered, it goes through ESI Quality Control/ Quality Assurance plan. Independent technical reviews are conducted by a professional land surveyor who did not prepare the documents. This includes a detailed check and review of the entire right of way package. A red-yellow-green marking system is used to insure that documents and plans are checked and corrections are made. The QC/QA plan insures that right of way plan sheets are in compliance with UDOT drafting standards and that right of way instruments are prepared according to UDOT right of way standards.

ESI additionally uses internal procedures to insure work performed is accurate and on schedule. Weekly status meetings are held to insure that projects meet deadlines. Tables are prepared showing the status of each parcel, projected completion date, and parcel status (i.e., submitted for review, need design clarification, etc.), allowing us to track the progress of each parcel. Individual files are kept for each parcel and can quickly be retrieved when answering questions concerning those parcels. We work closely with the design team, the UDOT right of way engineer, appraisers, and property acquisition agents to facilitate the critical task of clearing the right of way in a timely manner.

For more information contact Kirk Morgan, Head of the Survey Department.
Phone: (801) 263-1752